The Basement On Byers is the newest art gallery in Staunton, VA, and the Shenandoah Valley, featuring a full spectrum of art mediums from both accomplished and emerging artists. Unlike other art galleries, The Basement presents artworks in staged scenes as they might be experienced in modern life, creating a welcoming and unassuming environment to collectors, artists, and passersby alike. With both 6-month installations and 6-week exhibit rotations of art, there will always be something new to discover and enjoy at The Basement On Byers!



6 Dec, 2021

We’re so excited and humbled to be involved in the #kindnesschallenge with the local Youth Volunteer Corps and Staunton City Schools! There are few more powerful voices than art, and what better and more hopeful message could their be from this upcoming generation than one of kindness?

Sign up to participate on 12/08/21 by visiting!


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Royalty-Free art on this page created by:
Daniele Franchi