It’s true, the past couple of years has been an unprecedented time of difficulty and hardship for all of us. It’s been wonderful finally reuniting with our friends and loved ones, seeing businesses open back up, and getting our lives back to normal—more or less. However, there is still a very present public health risk with COVID-19 and all its variants, especially for the members of our society whose immunities are not as resilient as others. Because of this, we must all do our part to protect the communities we hold so dear.

At The Basement On Byers, the only thing we love more than art is people! For this reason, we require masks to be worn while visiting, even by those who are vaccinated. Specifically, this excludes neck gators, scarves, and other similar accessories. Masks must be worn correctly at all times in the gallery, covering both the nose and the mouth simultaneously. If you forget your mask at home, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

While we respect each individual’s right to not wear a mask, we hold the safety and health of every person to the highest level. This means that whatever precautions keep those who are most susceptible to any variant of COVID-19 safe, that is where we set the bar, without exception.

Though The Basement On Byers is largely a touchless environment, our safety strategy includes multiple hand sanitizing stations, a fully vaccinated staff, contactless payment options, and regular disinfecting of common surfaces. As you experience the art, we also ask that you maintain 6 feet of distance between you and other guests. Lastly, we strictly follow all state and federal guidelines.

Even with these mitigations in place, we understand that some guests may still need to avoid public or crowded places. However, we don’t believe that even a pandemic should stop anyone from enjoying art! As such, we are more than happy to schedule private visits at least 48 hours in advance. If you would like to reserve a time to visit us privately, simply call us at (540) 324-8128, or send us a message through our Contact Page.

Until then, be safe, and be well!
We can’t wait to see your smiling eyes at The Basement!