On October 4th, Jillian Marie hosted a Zoom meeting to give you an introduction to The Basement On Byers, going into deeper detail about what we’ll be doing and how we’ll be doing it. We weren’t expecting the turnout we got, and have been thrilled to receive so much support and interest from community members and organizations!

Given all the excitement, there have certainly been many good questions about The Basement and the services we’ll be offering. So, we decided to put some of these questions and their answers here for you to see.

Some of the questions came from the Zoom meeting while others have been asked elsewhere. Please enjoy the video of the meeting, and if you have any questions that we didn’t answer, please let us know through our Contact page!

Standard exhibitions typically last for 6 weeks, while long-term installations (contracted artists) last for 6 months terms.

The ability to sign up for a complementary artist direct membership will  be available online and in-store beginning November 5th!

The Basement accepts art in all — yes, all — mediums and styles. This includes non-traditional artworks like freestanding or hanging mobiles, wearable art, sculptures, repurposed electronics and more.

Essentially art is juried based on artistic merit alone, and no artwork will be disqualified simply because of genre, style, or materials used (we do reserve the right to disqualify an artwork if the materials used pose a health or safety risk to staff, other artists or guests). 

The long and the short – did you make it!? We wanna see it!

Unless stated otherwise in the prospectus, Jillian Marie alongside two other jurors (who ask to remain anonymous) make final decisions on which artworks are accepted in the gallery.

One of the staples to gallery operations in The Basement is not requiring any identifying information in the application. Yes, to make a payment online, one does have to type in their name. However, the person who sees those payment notifications and verifies receipts is not a juror, and they keep the information private from those who are.

For exhibitions, all images received are juried individually and some of the main criteria are the presence of evident technique; the inclusion of multiple elements and principles of art; originality; composition, and overall presentation. 

Artists applying for a long-term (contracted) installation must still exhibit the same  aforementioned criteria, but over a consistent body of work. This body of work doesn’t need to be in one exclusive medium or style, but it should be easily recognizable that the artist created all pieces in body. 

Please know that the inclusion of any criterion used in the jurying process can absolutely be intuitive rather than intentional – meaning you don’t have to make the art with those elements in mind.

Absolutely! Jurying is by looking at individual works of art. Who the artist is or if they’ve applied before and weren’t accepted is not considered in the process. Inversely, if an artist’s artwork is accepted, that does not mean all artworks in the future will be accepted.

We can receive images up to 25mb in size, however we’re not requiring that you submit ultra-detailed images. Typically a standard image will be perfectly fine as long as we can clearly see your artwork. Don’t forget! Artists are encouraged to submit two images of each 3D artwork so we can get a better feel for the piece.


Send us your question, and we’ll get back to you with the info you need!